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information first from the white house about events surrounding the fatal attack on u.s. diplomatic mission in benghazi, libya last september. this is republican senator john cornyn of texas. >> the majority leader knows full well the reason why the debate -- closing off debate was denied was because a reasonable request been made on the site for additional information. i hope and trust it will be provided here in the next few days. and when we come back from the recess, we will have another vote and another opportunity for senators to express themselves. but this is not any attempt to kill this nomination. this is not a filibuster. >> democrats are vowing to revive hagel's nomination following the recess next week. despite republican denials, senate -- bitter majority leader harry reid said the block or isn't it an historic filibuster. >> not a single nominee for secretary of defense ever in history of the country has been filibustered. >> chuck hagel is a former republican senator who is faced criticism for straying from the party line on iran and iraq war and making comments perceived as
. when someone takes advantage of a relationship by using force, or threatening to use force, it is abuse. - who is it? - it's my husband. the most common place for it to occur is in the home. david bennett: i think one of the things that is very hidden in our societies, certainly societies that have levels of outward violence, is violence within the family, directed at women and children. about one in three women is more likely to be abused in some form in her life domestically, by someone she loves or knows. and he kept hitting me in the face and punching me in the ribs... and i had a bloody nose and i was scared to death. we had this amazing 19-year-old girl come up the ramp into the clinic pushing one of those dual carriages with the twin boys in it. and she comes in, walks in the door and she says, "the premature baby clinic across the street sent me here. they said you might be able to help me." and she says, "he started beating me again." and the story unfolded that she had delivered these two little boys prematurely, because she had been severely beaten in pregnancy, a very common
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3 (some duplicates have been removed)